About Us


Welcome to the home of the Southwestern Ohio Wrestling Officials Association. We serve our members by offering weekly meetings, local rules interpretations, and match assignments. For those coaches and athletic directors visiting the webpage, please see our roster page to view photos and information on our member officials.

If you are in need of an official, please check our roster page. Feel free to contact any official directly or, if you have questions regarding getting officials for a match, e-mail our assignor Mike Doll.

Looking for the latest information on rules interpretations? Check out the Ohio Wrestling Officials Association Webpage.

Here is the 2010 OHSAA situation ruling for head trauma and concussions. Read more


President David Friend– email

Vice President James Ganger– email

Secretary Gary Doll – email

Treasurer Shane Dodd – email

Rules Interpreter Mike Doll- email

Mechanics Interpreter David Fullenkamp -email